Spirit Animal Pendant - Wolf, Moth or Dragon

From $ 70.00


For those seeking to embrace their inner spirit animal, look no further than this elegant pendant. Choose from Wolf, Moth, or Dragon in Sterling Silver or solid 14k gold for the perfect way to show your wild side. Pounce or soar in style with a signature piece of jewelry!

Weight: 2.6557 DWT (4.13 grams)
Solid/Hollow: Solid
Surface Finish: Bead Blast/Polished
Pendant Dimensions: 23.54x15.53 mm
Chain Passage Dimensions: 6x4 mm

A spirit animal is believed to help guide one on a spiritual level. Each animal contains various symbolic traits:
  • Loyalty
  • Intelligence
  • Family and Friendship
  • Instincts
  • Freedom
  • Communication



  • Transformation
  • Light
  • Vulnerability
  • Concealment
  • Hidden Knowledge
  • Intuition


  • Spiritual Transformation
  • Power
  • Passion and Energy
  • Wisdom
  • Strength and Protection
  • Wealth and Prosperity